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Stop Mortgage Foreclosure And Keep Your Home

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Your money crisis is over! Your income has returned to its former level.

Now another crisis has reared its ugly head. Although you are now able to make your mortgage payments, the bank has other ideas. They want the two delinquent payments that you are behind, plus late fees and penalties or they will proceed with a foreclosure on your home. You can't come up with nearly four times your monthly payment to reinstate your loan. Are you doomed to walk away from your home with a foreclosure on your record? A foreclosure on your record could prevent you from buying a home for a long time.

How To Avoid Foreclosure

The goal is to keep your home. That means that you must either find the money to pay the bank the arrearage or negotiate with the bank for a deal that will satisfy their requirements without you having to pay everything up front.

The following are some possibilities for finding the money:

1. Credit card loan

2. Loan from relatives

3. Refinance your home

4. Get a second mortgage

5. Sell a car or other property

If none of the above money alternatives work, then you need to negotiate with the bank or mortgage company. If you are reluctant to try negotiating with the lender, then there are professional organizations that can do it for you. Following are some possible outcome from a competent negotiation:

1. The opportunity to payoff your arrearage on a monthly payment plan.

2. The lender may forgive some or all of the penalties

3. The lender may addithe arrearage on to the principal of the loan.

Keys To A Successful Negotiation

The lender is going to look for certain keys to determine if they want to negotiate or not.

The first key is whether your income is now sufficient for you to make the payments. If it isn't then your best alternative is to find someone to buy your home(even at a discount), so that you won't have a foreclosure on your record.

The second key is that your record shows that you are normally reliable. That means that your payments are usually on time. Timely payments generally correlates with your credit score. This key is not as important as the first one, but it is important nevertheless.

As you approach the lender to negotiate, you must have a friendly and positive, but firm attitude. You must keep your goal of saving your home at the top of your mind to overcome any fears that you might have. Make sure that you research which department of the lender that can make a decison concerning your loan.


Your home is your castle. It provides safety and security as well as shelter. It is worth a lot of hassle to stop a foreclosure and keep your home.


For more information on how to save your home from foreclosure go to http://how-to-save-your-home-from-foreclosure.com

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