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No Fax Payday Loans Online For A Fast Cash Advance Loan

By: Carrie Reeder

For a fast cash advance loan, no fax payday loans are now available online. By completing your application online, you don't have to fax paycheck stubs or forms. Your application can be approved within minutes, and you can have your cash advance available in your checking account the next day.

Online Payday Loan Companies

The internet has brought sped up the approval process for payday loans. Using technology, payday loan companies are able to process applications within minutes. You can also shop payday loan rates by reading their online information. Reputable companies will post their rates and fees.

What You Need

Before you start filling out your cash advance loan application, gather the necessary information first. You will need to provide contact information as well as your job history. Most payday loan companies require you to have worked at least 90 days at your current job or have at least $800 a month in income from social security.

You will also need to provide your checking account information so your cash advance can be deposited electronically into your account. A blank check will provide the routing and account numbers that you will need to enter along with your bank's information.

Filling Out The Application

Once you have the necessary information, you can fill your online payday loan application out at anytime. Payday loan companies are able to process your information over secure severs 24 hours a day.

Waiting For Approval

Online payday loan applications are usually approved within a matter of minutes, but sometimes they can take up to an hour. Your loan amount will depend on your income level and your state's laws. Usually loans will be approved for $500 although some states allow loans for up to $1000.

Online Payments

Just like your application, payments on your loan can be processed online. Most payday loan companies offer at least three payment options. You can choose to pay only the finance fees, part of the principal, or the whole loan amount on your loan's due date. Payment options can also be changed if you find yourself short during a pay period. Just remember, the longer you take to pay back the loan, the more you will pay in finance charges.

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