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For years, shopping has been the highly addictive and pleasurable pastime for people everywhere and a leading comparison site has discovered that thousands of women in the UK are spending their loans and credit cards on their shopping habit.

It was found that three quarters of a million British women spend as much as half of the money that they have borrowed on high street fashions and have therefore been labeled ‘shopoholics’.

The site also discovered that the women questioned have a collective total of £11,000 that has been spent on shopping using their personal loans and credit cards. This statistic was then shadowed by the £61, 96 million pounds that the UK’s entire shopoholic population (proving that men can also shop with the best of them) has amounted.

The comparison site company believes that this spending of loans is directly related to the fact that many women like to emulate the style and shopping habits of the stars, which, more often than not, would land almost anyone in debt. Of course, the problem with this approach to shopping is that there are not many people who have a disposable income big enough to spend on the shopping items that the stars themselves are indulging in. This therefore means that loans become the only way that most people can manage this.

The most interesting piece of this information is that, due to this current trend, Lloyds TSB and Barclays, incidentally two of the biggest money lenders in the country, revealed that their pre-tax profit reached £4.25 billion and £7.16 billion respectively. This of course begs the question; who is it really who is being cheered up the most by these spending sprees?

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Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_479639_19.html

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