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Cash Advance Loans Online - A Great Way To Make It Until Your Next Pay Day

By: Carrie Reeder

A payday advance is a loan obtained to cover unexpected expenses or if you happen to be short on cash and payday is still several days away. Payday advances can usually be deposited into your checking account the very same day you apply or overnight. A payday advance is meant to be a short-term loan, not a revolving credit account. The interest you pay on a payday advance is higher than with a traditional loan.

In applying for a payday advance, you will generally supply the loan company with your name, address, phone number, employment and checking account information. There is no credit check. You can qualify for a payday advance up to $1000 dollars or more that is to be repaid when you receive your next paycheck or over your next two to three pay periods. Payday advance companies may require you to receive your paycheck through direct deposit, but some allow you to qualify for a payday advance even if you receive a paper check from your employer that you deposit into your checking account.

The interest rates charged for a payday advance loan are significantly higher than with other types of lenders, but the majority of payday advance companies will allow you to split your payments over your next several pay periods to make repayment of your loan simple and painless.

A payday advance is an excellent way to get the cash you need until payday. Many companies have programs that require no faxing of your bank statement and latest check stub. Even if you are self-employed or receive income in the form of monthly benefits you can qualify for a payday advance. You may be required to fax proof of income in certain situations, but you can still receive your money fast. Many payday advance companies can approve your loan within an hour of receiving the necessary documentation.

No matter what type of income you receive each month, if you are in need of extra cash until payday a payday advance may be the answer for your short-term financial needs. A number of payday advance companies offer reduced rates for first time customers or simply offer a discount loan program to all customers. Contact the payday loan company of your choice to see if you are eligible to receive up to $1000 dollars or more that can be deposited into your checking account often the very same day you apply.

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