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By applying for credit through a bank of other lender that subscribes to a credit reporting agency outside the area, there's every reason to believe that some damaging information will not appear in your file. Remember, the only way bankers and lenders can survive is to extend credit to consumers. By taking steps to sidestep one credit report that has negative entries, and taking advantage of another that show you as a good credit risk, creditors will practically force hard cash into your hand.

Here's how:

Obtain a credit report form one of the credit bureaus to determine if there are damaging entries that might cause your credit application to be denied.

Call several banks of other lenders and ask the receptionist, etc., which credit bureau they use in their application approval process. If the individual tells you they don't know, ask them to find out.

Select a bank or lender that subscribes to a credit reporting agency other than the one typically used in the area.

Obtain a credit report from the credit reporting agency that your selected lender uses.

Repeat step number 4 until you find a report that is favorable to your and shows the least negative entries.

The only thing left for you to do is apply with that bank, lender, or other creditor that subscribes to the credit bureau that has a credit report the most favorable to you. BULLDOG TACTICS When you receive your credit report, write down every piece of information that is inaccurate or untrue. Even if an entry is partially true, you may still want to dispute it, especially if your credit report will be improved as a result. Read all of the instructions on the back of your credit report very carefully. Symbols may be used for much of the information entered and you will have to understand each one. It's easy to become confused but a number you can call if you have a question will be provided.

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