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Investors are successful business owners looking to invest in business start ups for a share in the profit

The term investor describes anyone who is hoping to make an investment in your business. The investment that is made is usually of a considerably high quantity and is done so for a high return of the profit that is made within your business.

Statistics state that many new businesses fail within their first five years. There are many reasons as to why this happens such as procrastination with many business owners put things off, thinking they can deal with them later when in reality this isnít the case. As a business owner you should never put anything on the back burner, especially in the crucial first few years and especially when it comes to money or invoices. You should aim to get things done as they approach you, not a few months down the line because a few months might be too late.

However cash flow remains the biggest reason as to why most new businesses fail. Without some form of cash flow your business will fail. Start up capital is essential to get your business off the ground in order for it to start bringing in money itself. You will need funding for your business to cover a number of aspects such as your property, stock/inventory, employees, equipment to perform tasks and to cover all your basic bills. All of this adds up to a large amount, money that, in most cases, canít be raised by an individual. Most, if not all new business owners have to get a form of capital from an external source.

As a result of the need for business start-up finance, new business venture often look to investors to help with their capital need. If you are a business investor who is currently hoping to invest in a new business opportunity then you must take certain things into account if you are hoping for a good return on your investment.

One other reason as to why many people often turn to the help of a business investor is when their business is facing financial difficulties and they are being faced with the prospect of bankruptcy. If you are hoping to gain the help of an investor due to difficulties within your business that are leaving you facing bankruptcy then look no further than Edge of Bankruptcy.

The professionals here at Edge of Bankruptcy are made up of Business Angels and Venture Capitalists. We work to help new businesses to provide an alternative to Bankruptcy. We will invest in your business to ensure the future of your business and to release money to you that can be used to pay off your debts.

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