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Insolvency Services in the United Kingdom

An insolvency service is when a professional advisor assists you

through a difficult financial time. This type of professional advisor makes

sure that each client is ready to face the future financially and

confidently. When working with a professional advisor be assured that you are

in safe and experienced hands. There are two types of insolvency

services practiced in the United Kingdom. These two types of services are an

individual voluntary arrangement and a company voluntary arrangement.

This type of professional advisor can set up an individual voluntary

arrangement. What this means is that the advisor is able to set up an

arrangement with a group of creditors. An individual is able to repay the

creditors over a specific period of time. This type of arrangement is

usually set up with an unsecured creditor. In order to start this kind

of arrangement one needs to contact a professional advisor who can

discuss your options with you. An example of a firm to contact is Able

Consulting Insolvency Services.

The advantages to setting up this type of arrangement is that as an

individual who has fallen behind in your bills you no longer have to worry

about threatening letters from creditors and court actions. Instead you

are allowed to make a low monthly payment to clear away your debt.

A company who is in debt can apply for a company voluntary arrangement.

This is the same type of practice as an individual voluntary

arrangement but is designed for the corporate world of business. A company can

easily pay back their creditors over a specific amount of time by paying

a low monthly payment. This allows a struggling company to gain a

stronger foothold.

A professional advisor is designed to set up insolvency services that

help individuals or companies who have fallen behind on their bills.

Stop the harassing calls from your creditors and set up a valuable

insolvency service. There is an advisor who is always willing to listen and

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