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You Don’t Need A Professional To Improve Your Credit Score

Can you make it in America without credit? Do you know anyone who’s paid cash for their home, cars, boats, RV’s, furniture and, electronics? I can’t think of anybody.

Perhaps the insanely rich can live without credit, paying cash for everything. Unfortunately I’ve never met any of them. Have you? I’d be asking for a loan if I had, that’s for sure.

Let’s face it, we’re just honest, hard-working people trying to get ahead in this world and that ain’t always easy.

Here’s another hard truth to swallow. You need good credit these days or life gets hard, real hard. Ever had a fun credit decline? Didn’t think so. How about finally getting credit but with rates at 15% and up? That’s just ridiculous!

Until recently, credit repair attorneys and credit repair services were, supposedly, your only options. At least that’s what they wanted you to believe.

It’s a brand new world now!

You can improve your credit score with knowledge, some time and effort and very little money. The credit laws in these United States are designed to help you. The biggest help is that credit bureaus must respond to disputes in a set amount of time or they have to remove disputed items from your credit report.

To get started…get a copy of your credit report and turn it inside out. Find every inaccuracy; almost every credit report has them. Then, write letters to the credit bureaus, disputing those inaccurate items. If they can’t prove it’s correct or don’t respond in time, the items must be removed, by law.

After you’ve written some letters, it’s time to look at your financial situation and start making changes. Look at your income, your budget, your debts, everything. Are you behind on your loan payments? Where can you cut expenses? Are there debts that you can negotiate, like credit cards? Start making changes quickly.

You can improve your credit score without the help of a professional. Some of your own effort and a little bit of money can create big changes in your life. Financial freedom awaits you!

Stephen Burns is committed to helping your improve your credit score. Visit him at The Credit Repair Guy’s Site.

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