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What is the National Average Credit Score?

When it comes to credit scores there is a wide range of placement for American consumers. Low credit scores are in the 300's while the highest rating is 850.

There are several companies that devise their own criteria for placement, but typically speaking an average credit score' is between 675 and 720. An average credit score is neither good nor bad; it is simply a place of neutrality. If you find yourself in the average credit score range the final determination on any pending loan or credit approval may fall into the hands of a loan officer.

Of all the variables that contribute to your final credit score it is interesting to note that you can actually have more debt in the form of credit cards and still have a higher rating than someone who does not have a credit card and does not have as large a debt load. This phenomenon is due primarily to the fact that one of the key components to determining a credit score is the ability to determine likelihood of repayment. If you are paying on a credit card on a regular basis, the lender has a greater opportunity to see how you are likely to respond to the repayment of a loan.

A good credit score is typically any number over 720 while a score of fewer than 600 points is considered poor credit.

There is a wide variety of credit scoring agencies, and individual creditors typically have a personal preference in which report they will use to consider your loan request.

No-cost annual reports are the result of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and allow consumers the opportunity to see how their current credit history may affect future attempts to obtain credit. It is quite possible you will discover inaccuracies. When they are discovered you should dispute the findings with either the creditor you are seeking to do business with or the credit bureau that provided the findings.

Simple ways to improve your credit score are available and will always recommend paying down debt while considering the utilization of a budget.

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