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Two Great Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

In this article we will take a look at some of the ways in which a person can boost credit score, which will provide them with a more sound financial basis when it comes to applying for credit in the future.

1. Getting errors deleted from your credit history within 48 hours

The only way that this can be done is through a bank or a mortgage company. What you will need to do if for example you find errors on your credit report when applying for a home loan is to get the lender to conduct a rapid rescore company. However you will need to supply the necessary documentation in order to show that the item on your credit report history is incorrect. This piece of information will need to be sent directly from your creditor.

Normally you would need to supply this information to your bank or mortgage lender for their own credit accounts. But now because you are arranging for your credit score to be improved you will often find that the interest rate they offer to you will be much better than previously.

But to use this particular service you will need to pay $50 to use it and the results that you are after may not be what you actually get.

2. Getting negative credit deleted from your credit report

Although when it comes to removing errors from your credit report can seem quite simple when it actually comes to getting a negative credit deleted can just be as simple.

Firstly the best way of getting of any kind of error from your credit report is by simply sending a dispute letter off to the credit reporting agency. As well as the dispute letter also send them through copies of any documentation that you may have to back up your dispute. This will make their job much easier when it comes to them carrying out an investigation in order to get the problem resolved. But even if you do not have any documentation to back up your dispute letter send it anyway. As under Federal Law in the US a credit bureau then has a reasonable amount of time in which they can then use in order to validate a person's claim. In all cases the credit reporting agency will contact the creditor directly in order to get what you are disputing verified. Once they have received the necessary information from your creditor the offending item will either removed or an accurate note made on your credit history report instead. It is generally considered that the time allowed in order for a credit reporting agency to carry out the investigation of such disputes is 30 days.

So if you are looking for a way to boost credit score ratings to provide you with a much more sound financial base then why not consider using either of the methods suggested above.

To improve your credit rating, and to download your free report 'Eight Myths Blatant Myths About Credit Reporting', please visit http://repair-your-credit-rating.comThis article is free for republishing
Source: http://www.articlealley.com/article_157642_19.html

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