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Student Loan Secrets: Improve Your Credit Score and Pay Off Your Student Loans

The single biggest factor that impacts the amount of interest you pay is your credit score. People with credit scores over 750 pay a lot less interest than people with scores of lower than 650. If you can increase your credit score by 100 points, you can pay less interest, pay more principle and get out of debt more quickly. Credit score is a huge factor in who gets richer and who gets poorer in this country.

The little known secret about credit scores.

Those student loans you needed to get through college can have a huge impact on your score. That small monthly payment could be crippling your entire financial health through increased interest payments on all your other bills.

When you have any type of loan, it shows the maximum credit, the outstanding balance and your payment history. The credit score takes into consideration the total amount of outstanding balances. The more you owe, the lower the score.

You're thinking simple, right? Newsflash, it isn't.

Student loans almost always report to your credit report in triplicate. So, for your credit score, even though you may owe only $15,000, it computes your score as if you owed $45,000! This can have a huge impact on the amount of interest you pay.

Even worse, yet in Sallie Mae's eyes, your loan could look like 7 loans. Then multiply those 7 by 3 and you could have "21 Student Loans" on your credit report. This can destroy your credit score and most people never realize it. They do their best to work hard and pay their bills on time. However, they don't get the credit score they deserve because the computers foul up their student loan balances.

Only a few professionals understand how this works.

And most don't care to understand. They just buy your credit score, slap the interest rate on your loan and move on to the next person. You have to work with a professional who understands the inner workings of credit score computers. Only they can help you pay off those student loans and get you the interest rates you truly deserve.

Individuals everywhere, looking to get out of debt and begin investing can turn to the debt aide organization National Association of Responsible Lending and Investment at http://www.NARCLI.org

You may reach debt relief and investment experts via email to Question@NARCLI.org

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