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Poor Credit Car Loan: Drive Your Car. Deflect Your Credit Score

Time is the most precious thing in today's life. Each and every moment is valuable to us. Saving time can be considered as our main priority. And for that, car is no more a luxury but it has been turned into our daily necessity. No doubt, it is rather easy for a car owner to manage his time. You may also think of buying a new car, but hesitate to apply for a car loan due to your poor credit score. Forget this hesitation now and apply for a poor credit car loan.

Poor Credit Car Loans are specially made for the borrowers who have poor credit score. They could be:

• Borrowers who have defaulted to repay pay their amount.

• Borrowers who are suffering from arrears.

• County Court Judgment (CCJ's)

• Borrowers who have filed bankruptcy

• IVA's

• Late Payment.

Mainly credit score is the fiscal estimation of the borrower's credit value. It is considered poor when it becomes 580 or below it. Generally, a credit score is calculated in the following perspective:

• Payment history (35%)

• Amounts due (30%)

• Extent of the credit history (15%)

• New Credit (10%)

• The type of the used credit (10%)

A borrower can take help of different credit bureaus to calculate his credit score. Remember, on the basis of your credit score, the borrowed amount and loan period will be decided.

However, poor credit car loans are available both in secured and unsecured form. For availing poor credit car loans in secured way, a borrower has to pledge some security against the loan amount. Contrary, unsecured loans are obtainable without any security. Normally, poor credit car loans are short term basis loans. And the interest rate is relatively high due to poor credit score. But some down payment will ensure borrowers to get some relaxation in case of deciding the interest rate. The term period of these loans varies from 2-5 years. This term period can be extended but it financially won't be much beneficial.

Nevertheless, before applying for a poor credit car loan judge the following things:

• First decide what type of car you are going to purchase: new or used car

• Then estimate your financial requirement

• And also decide which option you want to choose- secured poor credit car loan or unsecured poor credit car loan.

Poor credit score- this term acts as a roadblock in the way of availing loan. Now it is the time to wreck the roadblock under the wheels of your new car with poor credit car loans.

Eva Baldwyn aims to inform common men and women of the several issues involved in bridging loans and mortgages through her articles. To find Online car loan, Poor Credit Car Loan, Personal car loan in UK visit http://www.carloaninuk.co.uk

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