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How Can You Calculate Your Credit Score?

It's no secret that a lot of people have a dream to buy their own house. To make this dream come true you need to have a good credit history and a high credit rating. Say, for example, you have been approved for a mortgage. Then, it's high time to start making credit card deals to create your credit file. Smart credit consumers do their best to follow all credit card rules and to show responsibility achieving a high credit rating. However, a lot of efforts of the kind result in nothing. It often happens that after a few years of conscientious payments, your score still leaves much to be desired. You may wonder why it happens and what mistakes you've made.

As a matter of fact, many credit card holders do not manage their plastics in the right way. It all entails the damage of your credit score and even rating. Some consumers realize their mistakes and know the reason for their credit card score drop. Nevertheless, it may happen so that you can't find any reasonable explanation for being mortgage refused. One will surely feel frustrated in such a situation.

However, you'd better not jump to conclusions. All such confusions can be explained.

There are a lot of cases when consumers faced sudden problems with their credit cards. For instance, a student made his first credit card deal in his first year at college. He was responsible enough and never maxed out his plastic. So, he managed to graduate with a good credit score and was going to take a mortgage loan.

What disappointment he experienced when he was refused the loan. Certainly, you would not like to discover, that after a few years of timely payments you qualify only for a bad credit card. Let's find out the reason for that!

It becomes easy to understand the situation, when you learn that creditors and customers are often given different scores. That's why it can't but involve serious confusion.

Credit scores are necessary to see the risk of intended to show the risk of the lender and to predict if a borrower can be late with payments. It's interesting that credit companies usually use FICO score, unlike credit bureaus, which sometimes resort to Vantage Score system that has its own scale (501 to 990). It's no wonder then that consumers with FICO scores (300-850) are not often eligible for low rate loans. This actually explains the fact why many credit users do not qualify for the loans they count on.

Many credit bureaus are accused of unfairness as they do not inform consumers that their credit score system can disable people to take a mortgage, whereas FICO score is more reliable in taking a loan.

Thus, if you wish to take a mortgage, take pains to be exceptionally vigilant with your credit card deals and study all the related information carefully. Plastic money deals are rather risky and you always have to be on your guard to avoid credit card traps! This article is free for republishing
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