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Abusing Your Credit Card Could Hurt Your Credit Score

A creditor uses a credit score to decide whether to give you a credit or not. The credit score is based on statistics and uses real data obtained from your credit report and credit application. A high score can get you a loan very easily. You can also bargain for a higher loan or a better deal.

A significant part of the real data used to determine the credit score is obtained from your credit card statements. So abusing your credit card will definitely hurt your credit score.

Your Credit Card History

You are abusing your credit card every time you spend and are not able to pay it back within the time limit. It reflects badly on your reputation in the neighborhood and your credit score when a collection agent is banging on your door for payment. If your credit card debt is close to your credit card limit, you may just have to give up on applying for more credit. And if your credit cards end up in making you bankrupt, your credit score will definitely be touching rock bottom.

There is not much relief even if you regularly pay off your credit card debts. The time taken to free your credit card from debt will impact your credit score. Then again, the regularity with which you pay it off will also matter. These factors can lower your credit score.

Too many credit cards attract negative ratings. Your juggling act with credit cards to stave off debt and keep your spending spree afloat will not invite admiration. As all the credit card transactions are taken into account, the final picture will be far from beautiful.

Even if you turn over a new leaf, you will not reap the benefits immediately. You have to pay off all your credit card bills of course, and not fall prey to new debts and keep your spending low. This may take a very long time. The credit score will take even longer to reflect this new you. Therefore prevention is better than cure. Use your credit card wisely so that your credit score looks good at all times.

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