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It might seem perverse but in today’s current financial climate where interest rates are low but competition is fiercer than ever only the most financially astute will succeed. Venture Capitalists expectations have become far more realistic and inline with market conditions there has never been a better time to seek investment. The Government for its part is keen to foster the notion of a nation of entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial spirit that is intrinsic with this nation, but entrepreneurs need to dare to be different, and make the leap of faith from dreamer to true entrepreneur. To have a great idea is simply not enough you need to have the drive and mindset to get your idea accepted and off the ground. A can do attitude and a fierce work ethic are what investors want to see from prospective partnerships.

I know this is very simplistic but a good business model really can come from a good SWOT analysis, you have to focus on what people actually want, successful enterprises will be able to deliver the product to market seamlessly in the most cost effective manner, ensuring both customer satisfaction and maintaining brand loyalty simultaneously.

The difference between a dreamer and an entrepreneur is the doing, making it happen and embracing risk is the preserve of the entrepreneur and that is the primary reason why we’re not all doing it.

If you are an entrepreneur in need of capital investment Business Angels has numerous large investors from around the globe all with substantial financial clout. Business Angels actively seek out investment opportunities in SME and business start-ups. Angels have resources set aside solely for the purpose of funding entrepreneurs and established companies alike, it could be that you are simply in need of a cash injection to take them to that next level. There are sites online that have online forms which you can submit your business ideas. It’s quick and simple and will only take a few minutes to complete. A lot of Business Angels sites have a members area where investors can view all the business ideas and get in touch with the businesses that they think they can help. Some companies will actually match your business with a venture capitalist or business angel depending on your need.

Most of these sites will allow you to register for free which will allow you to use any of their services including forums where you can ask the experts a question. These are valuable resource will allow you to gauge opinion, seek advice, confer with other uses and build up a significant network of influence. Why not benefit from the experience of others? Avoid start-up mistakes like an inappropriate location, marginal niche, derivative idea, poor investor management or fighting between founders by establishing clear strategic guidelines for the future ensuring that your not always on the back foot with tactical decision. Be Proactive and not Reactive!
Angel Startups is an internet resource for start up companies, entrepreneurs, bankers, loan companies, venture capitalists and Business Angels.

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