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Business Angels

Are you thinking about setting up your own business either from home or from an office but your struggling to gain finance to help your dream come true? Or have you a business that is struggling and you need finance to re-market your business or spice it up. If you are why not give Business Angels a thought.

Business Angels are people who usually come from an entrepreneur background that have one or more successful business behind them and therefore have the opportunity to help other struggling businesses that they can see has a future and a solid business plan. They will invest their own capital and have a return of the percentage of the business unlike banks who will charge interest and expect you to pay them back over a certain period of time. The business angel will help you along the way with their knowledge of the business industry as well as their contacts and expertise.

Due to the Business Angel having a hands on approach within your business you need to get along easily with the business angel as you will spend time going through plans, money issues etc. They will normally get a good return for their investment, if they think the business will grow rapidly and succeed there more likely to invest more capital. The business angel usually invests between £75,000 to £250,000. If business angels work together on a single business and they group together this sum is likely to be a lot higher.

Before you even consider contacting a business angel make sure you have a well prepared business plan showing them what your business does what you want to achieve, estimation of costs, employment of staff and any other ideas you may have. If you haven’t got a well planned and prepared business plan a business angel wouldn’t even consider investing their capital into your business, as it’s their own hard earned cash and they want a return from it.

Contacting a business angel in your area is simple using the website www.angelstartups.com. It’s a great website for giving you ideas on what kind of business you may want to start up, the different types of investment you can receive from business angels or funding from family and friends. They can also help you set up a business plan you can use to achieve the finance you want.

The advice is free and impartial, so why not give Angelstartups a try today and find a Business Angel in your local area.


Angel Start-ups is an internet resource for small businesses, start up companies, entrepreneurs, bankers, loan companies, venture capitalists and Business Angels.

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