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All About Bridging Loans ?

All About Bridging Loan Finance

A bridging loan is a type of secured finance that is used as a short term fix to a financial problem. Although the interest charged is quite high compared to a secured loan or mortgage the terms and speed of the disbursement of capital make this kind of loan attractive to certain customers.

Example 1 - Domestic Bridging Loan.

The typical application of this kind of loan is when someone is selling their house just when their about to complete the exchange of contract their buyer pulls out. Now they cannot complete their mortgage and risk losing their new home

To prevent this a bridging loan can be taken to bridge the gap until they either sell their old house or make a more permanent kind of finance. Bridging loans are very quick to complete in many cases the funds could be with you within 2 or 3 days.

Example 2 - Commercial Bridging Finance.

When a factory, workshop or office moves premises often it is not feasible to sell the old premises and move into the new premises, at the same time. In situations like this a bridging loan would be used to keep the old premises until it is practicable to sell the old workshop, office or factory.

Example 3 – A company is short on liquidity and needs to get some urgent funds to pay for a short term venture. The venture will be very profitable you are buying some stock at a reduced rate and can sell it on quickly at a large profit. A bridging loan will be used to fund the venture and once the stock has been sold it will be settled

For quotations, information, help and advice on bridging loans visit http://www.bridgingloanfinance.co.uk/ Short term fast bridging loan finance. Remember banks and building societies are not always that flexible when it comes to bridging finance so speaking to experts in the field may be the way forward.

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