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Business Angels are individuals who provide capital for business startups

Business angels, also known as angel investors are individuals who provide capital for business start-up in exchange for ownership equity. Business Angels fall under the category of equity finance. They are the most popular form of equity finance and can truly do wonders for your business venture.

Business Angels can often be classed as an important but under-utilised source of money for both new and growing businesses. A typical Business Angel makes one or two investments in a three-year period, either individually or by linking up with others to form a syndicate.

Business Angels have many reasons for making investments into businesses, the main one being to make a higher return on their investments but they also invest in new businesses to keep up to date with current developments in the business area as well as a way of mentoring another generation of entrepreneurs. By investing in start-up businesses, business angels are making use of their experience in a way that allows them to work on a less than full time basis.

If you do decide to use the help of a Business Angel then you are choosing to use valuable management advice and you are choosing to give your business important contacts. Business angels take a high personal risk when it comes to investing in your business but with the right skills a business angel can strengthen a business by offering marketing and sales experience.

If a Business Angel is what you have in mind for your business then you should be aware that Business Angels look for certain qualities and aspects within businesses such as the experience and track record of the management, the businesses competitive edge or unique selling point and the characteristics and growth potential of the market as well as the financial commitment of the entrepreneur.

Here at Edge of Bankruptcy we are made up of English and American Business Angels and Venture Capitalists. We seek businesses that are in difficulty due to overwhelming debt. We aim to invest in these businesses in order to save them and release money that can be used to pay off outstanding debts.

By choosing to use the help of a professional from Edge of Bankruptcy you are enlisting the help of a Business Angel/Venture Capitalist who will be completely compatible with your business and whose skills and experience will match that of the companies needs.

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