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Reasons We File for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a legal term that all of us have heard over and over again. We usually think that a person has become poor when they are bankrupt however that is usually not even close to the case. We have this pre-conceived notion that in order for us to be bankrupt, we are irresponsible and lazy. In the real world, it can be one of the most responsible actions that a person can choose to take when it is really necessary. It is not an easy decision for most people to make, but it is the best one for certain situations.

When you start declaring that you are bankrupt, what you are basically saying to your creditors is that you cannot possibly ever repay all of your debt. You will have to declare bankruptcy through a lawyer. If it so happens that your situation is a valid one, you are then freed of your debt. All the companies that you owe money now have no right to ask for it. This may sound awesome at first; however, it does have its draw backs as well.

Let me tell you one thing though, having something like a bankruptcy appear on your credit report for the next six to 10 years will not be even close to beneficial to you. It will sit there in big, bold, red letters in your credit report for a very long time. Because of it, you will have trouble getting credit cards, loans or making big purchases even though ironically, these may the very things that cause you to declare bankruptcy in the first place. If you can prove that you are making some real strides with your financial situation, you could find it less difficult to get financing but not very. However, it is a very good way to take financial responsibility of your own life. Not to mention, you will feel a great big burden being lifted off your shoulders.

Credit card companies and other creditors where you owe money really do have the right to say no to your bankruptcy claim. There are certain situations when they are very likely to do this too. If you just went on a vacation, made a big purchase, used a credit card when unemployed or spent money after consulting with a lawyer, you will look suspicious in their eyes and will likely be denied. It is always best to consult a lawyer or debt counselor before you really take the plunge and declare bankruptcy.

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