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Life After Bankruptcy | Let's get it going!

Let's begin your life after bankruptcy…now!

Ok, so you just received your discharge papers from the bankruptcy court. Now what? Are you going to go into the corner and hide? Or are you going to see this situation as the most liberating opportunity you have had in years. I suggest the latter…and for one reason…I have seen literally thousands of people begin their life after bankruptcy with greater opportunities than ever before. Let me explain.

Beginning your life after bankruptcy can sometimes seem a little daunting, but I am here to tell you that you are immediately going to recognize that you are in a much better situation then you might imagine.

First, you are not likely to fall into many of the same traps that you fell into before…this I am sure of, as we have interviewed literally tens of thousands of individuals that have gone through a recent bankruptcy. The reaction we hear most from individuals that have recently discharged and bankruptcy…and are about to begin their life after bankruptcy…is, "I have learned so much through this process…I can't imagine ever going through that again."

I mean seriously, the education alone of going through that situation is enough to keep all of us on the "straight and narrow" in building our life after bankruptcy as stable as possible.

Next, you have most likely learned quite a bit about sacrifice and "how to trim the fat." Often times we find ourselves adding an expense here and an expense there and before we know it, we are in a bit over our heads. Then, to compound matters, we begin to rob Peter to pay Paul, driving us now into debt that we can not get out of without some miracle from above.

In speaking to those that are building their life after bankruptcy, one of the most common things I hear is "I will NEVER buy another subscription, apply for another department store credit card, or cave in to the temptation of a pay day loan in order to get something I want now." People have learned sacrifice and patience in a world of immediate gratification…and this is worth its weight in gold.

Finally, for those that are rebuilding life after bankruptcy that came down that result of unforeseen circumstances, such as medical bills, an accident, unemployment, etc, this is a group of people that has also learned more than they could ever imagine. In our discussions over the years with this group, one thing is clear, these people will never fall prey to these circumstances ever again. Why do I say that…well…this is what I hear.

"I put myself into a situation where I was uninsured, and now that I have been through a bankruptcy because of this situation, I will never be uninsured again." And, "I went through a period of unemployment, now I have gone back to school to become more marketable and now have a job paying $4 more per hour. Life has become so much more enjoyable." Or, "I was injured on the job last year, and with the small amount of money you receive from Workers Compensation, I just wasn't able to make ends meet. I now have cut 100% of all "stupid" expenses and have begun a serious savings account. I now have 3 months of my monthly expenses safely tucked away…I will never let this happen to me again."

You know, many times when I am talking to people they actually say that going through bankruptcy was the best thing that ever happened to them. I believe it…really I do.

Begin your life after bankruptcy today, with a totally new lease on life!

About The Author:

Subscribe to credit is keys phenomenal 7 lesson series that is sure to get you on the fast track to credit restoration,
life after bankruptcy. Simply click the link and begin your life after bankruptcy.This article is free for republishing
Source: http://www.financealley.com/article_32615_76.html

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