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Home Loan after Bankruptcy – Is it Possible?

After the crisis of bad credit and filing for bankruptcy, perhaps you may feel intimidated of starting up new transactions. For instance, you may feel disheartened about purchasing a new home because of your bad credit history. However, even if you have a record of bankruptcy in your credit report, there is still a chance to make a new start.

Today, there are mortgage companies who are willing to grant home loan approvals for those who filed for bankruptcy in the past. Tough competition among lending companies in the market drives these lenders to give special home loan packages for those who have been through bankruptcy. As long you have been discharged from your debts, you can go right ahead and submit that home loan application.

Will Lenders Accept Your Application?

Lenders are not merely taking chances. After all, your home property will be used as a security for your loan so there’s really not much risk involved. If you’re done filing Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 of bankruptcy, you can call a lending company and ask about your chances of getting an approval.

While other lenders require 2 years of interval after your bankruptcy has been discharged, other lenders also grant home loan approvals after just one day of discharge. If you have been submitting your payments religiously and all your payments are reported to the major credit bureaus, you should have no problem getting a loan approval.

What About the Down Payment?

You might also be required to give at least 3 to 5% of down payment in order to get an approval. If you do not have the money to use as down payment perhaps you can borrow from a friend or a relative. However, if the money you will put down is borrowed, you should disclose this to your lender before closing. It is important to declare to your lender where the money is coming from since not doing so can be counted as defrauding your lender.

Another option can be programs such as Neighborhood Gold or the Nehemiah. These down payment assistance programs help you get the loan even if you don’t have enough cash to put down. Use the internet to search about “down payment assistance” programs.

Starting New

Once your home loan is granted, don’t forget that you’ll be paying monthly payments for your mortgage. This is your chance to rebuild your credit history. If your reason for filing bankruptcy in the past were circumstances beyond your control such as illness, loss of job, death in the family, calamities and other unfortunate events, then you may not accountable for bad credit.

However, if the reason behind your bankruptcy is due to unpaid debts because of irresponsible management of your finances, then you might have already learned your lesson. Keeping up with your monthly payments is the best way to avoid being caught in bad debt. Live according to your means and do not waste time in making adjustments with your lifestyle if you see the need to change. This is your chance to own a home and to regain your reputation. This article is free for republishing
Source: http://www.financealley.com/article_191372_76.html

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